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In order to receive a voting password in USGenWeb national level elections, or any poll or election conducted by the EC, you must be properly registered with the USGenWeb Election Committee.

Members who were USGenWeb volunteers prior to February 1, 2004 were automatically registered to vote. Those who have joined The USGenWeb Project since February 1, 2004 must register themselves to vote, using the Registration Form

Please use the form to register as a new member, to update your existing registration, and to register to vote. If your USGenWeb Project participation or email address changes, you must inform the Election Committee by updating your registration.

Example: You were a CC in a particular state. You resigned that county, and now have a county in another state in a different region. To ensure you will receive a voting password that will allow you to vote, you must inform the EC that you have changed states.

If you are new to The USGenWeb Project and have not yet registered as a member, send a message to , the EC Chair. Include your county/state and/or special project information for verification purposes.

Do not depend on your SC, PC, or other project leadership to see that you are registered as a member, or that appropriate updates are made to your membership record. Once registered as a member, you are eligible to register to vote in USGW National Elections; but no one can do that for you. You must register yourself if you wish to vote.

You will receive a confirmation immediately via email. All registrations and updates are subject to verification by the EC.

When you register to vote, keep a copy of the verification email. It will contain your RegistrationID Number (and password) which you will use to update your registration in the future, and to request your voter password for an election.

If you leave The USGenweb Project entirely, please contact your EC Area Representative to have your name removed from the Registered Voter List.

Important when using the Registration Form

Registrant must accept a cookie for the duration of the registration process. The cookie disappears once registration is completed, and no information from the cookie is held by the EC.

Please be sure to include ALL areas of participation so that your voting password will authorize you to vote in all elections in which you are eligible to vote.


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The USGenWeb Project, Free Genealogy Online The Election Committee of the USGenWeb Project is a non-partisan standing committee charged with managing national polls and elections for the Project; providing a secure voting system; maintaining an up-to-date and accurate list of all members; and providing Volunteers with information about elections and candidates. It is not affiliated with any other election, voting, or campaign project or committee. Contact , EC Chair, or your regional EC Representative with questions and concerns.